Writing Career



I am an American author living in Los Angeles. I studied writing and literature in college and graduated with a B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing.

I’ve been a working professional writer for 7+ years. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to work in several fields. Check out my LinkedIn if you’d like the specifics. These positions include journalism, fiction, poetry, copy writing, technical writing, instructional design, social media, and even voice over work. I’ve worked as the Editor in Chief of my college’s newspaper. I worked as a copywriter for an independent travel guide.  I’m currently an Instructional Designer at DineEquity. From start up to big company, I’ve had quite an experience in the writing world so far.


Cover design by Nick Rester Zodrow

How to Become a Poet in 7 Minutes (or less) (2015) Link


Darlings (2016) Link



A Dream of Nightmares: The Secret of the Nine, Book One (2018) Link

Other publications:

The Island Fox (2011)

– “Reply to a Spam Bot” (poetry)

– “For Frances” (poetry)

The Island Fox (2012)

– “This End Up” (short story, fiction)

Featured reader at The Rapp Saloon – Santa Monica (2012)


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