Instructional Design Work

Instructional Designer II

YouTube (via Synergis)
Oct 2018 – Present

580b57fcd9996e24bc43c545– Collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand business needs and translate them into learning and performance objectives.

– Lead content collaboration with stakeholders, problem-solving to achieve performance objectives, and resolve issues, risks and quality challenges.

– Work with SMEs and stakeholders to facilitate approvals and gain alignment on content direction, design and details.

– Identify and incorporate the most effective and innovative practices in learning delivery including social and peer learning, game-based learning, informal learning, and performance support.

– Seek out new learning solutions and bring innovative ideas to individual projects and the team at large.

– Apply best practices in adult learning to design, write, and build a range of high-quality learning experiences, with an emphasis on e-learning, video, animations and gamification.

– Curate existing content into new learning designs and paths. Upload learning solutions into the learning management system (LMS) and test complete solution in target environments.

Manager Senior E-Learning Designer

March 2018 – Oct 2018


Manager of Learning & Development team

Responsible for designing and developing curriculum, eLearning, and introducing the newest online training techniques for the sales field

Design content in Salesforce to ensure sales agent success

Frequent sales offices and keep current on the sales industry

Produces audio and video for training materials

Develops performance improvement analysis

Senior Instructional Designer

Dine Brands Global
March 2014 – March 2018


Provides accurate, timely training tools and programs including rollout guides, reference guides, tests, shelf-lives, laminates, training videos, DVD production, and various special projects. Some of these projects include:

2014, 2015, and Q1 of 2016’s IHOP Promotion and Test Materials:

Coordinates cross-functional reviews and approvals for all training documents

Produces and directs training videos and serves as voice-over talent, script writer, editor, still photographer, and teleprompter operator

Facilitates pre- and post-production activities for training video development

Develops and updates manuals, training packets, and other training materials

Supports instructional design projects by coordinating print requirements and specifications with
print vendors

Supports instructional design projects by coordinating production requirements and specifications with production company vendor

Works with subject matter experts (SMEs) to support the documentation of procedures for new training modules

Establishes and maintains partnerships with managers, vendors, and others in the organization for the production of training materials

Applies standardized training development methodology and adult learning principles to the design of training materials

Instructional Designer, Copywriter, and Voice Over Talent

California Department of Education
October 12 – March 2014

cde logo

Designed, developed, and implemented curriculum for online courseware, which included interactive design and tracked assessments

Produced the following training programs:

Physical Fitness Test Series – Required training for physical education teachers and test administrators throughout California (4 online courses)

Assessment Literacy Professional Learning Series – Required training for school districts throughout California supporting newly adopted Common Core State Standards (7 online courses)

Partnered with internal and external leads to design training programs

Wrote content outlines, storyboards, and scripts

Copy edited

Provided quality control review and approval

Provided voice-over talent

Recorded and edited audio

Instructional Designer

University of Santa Monica
July 2011 – August 2013 (2 years 2 months)


Designed and developed Spiritual Psychology courseware: Required for students in USM program (2 online courses)

Wrote content outlines, storyboards, and scripts

Copy edited

Provided quality control review and approval

Provided voice-over talent

Recorded and edited audio

Supervised video and audio production and post-production

Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and Copywriter of the CI View Newspaper

California State University, Channel Islands
August 2009 – June 2011 (1 year 11 months)

ci logo
• Managed a staff of journalists, photographers, and editors
• Advertisement copywriting
• Educational copywriting
• Columnist
• Copy editor for all issues of bimonthly product

Junior Copywriter

Free Fun Guides
February 2007 – October 2008 (1 year 9 months)

Quality control



Work Samples

This portfolio is broken into three sections: assessments, screenshots of finished projects, and WBT scripts.  I’ve included a description of each item in this portfolio. First off, I’ll tell you about the projects that these samples come from.

Assessment Literacy Module:  The Assessment Literacy Module (ALM) is an eLearning module I wrote and designed. This was contracted through the California Department of Education. The ALM is required training for school districts throughout California supporting newly adopted Common Core State Standards.

University of Santa Monica Online: The University of Santa Monica brought me on to help them turn their Instructor- Led Training course into a Web-Based Training course.  This was an incredibly robust online initiative that took more than two years to launch. I worked to create the first two courses. Course 1 is a free online course for newcomers. Course 2 is the paid online course which goes more in-depth and attempts to replicate the in-person Master’s degree class.

Physical Fitness Test: The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is an eLearning module I worked on. This is required training for physical education teachers and test administrators throughout California I helped revise the module to reflect the newest educational research updates. This included writing portions of the script and adding functionality such as drag and drop and assessment to help the course engage the learners more. I also provided the narration for the course.

(Click each file to download.)

ALM Assessment Example

While designing a course, I like to keep the learner engaged. One of the ways to engage learners is with assessments. This screen is an example of a multiple choice, true/false, and essay assessment.

ALM Time 2 Respond

We branded our assessments in the ALM with “Time 2” titles. This way learners could quickly recognize when an assessment was coming up. Time 2 Respond is a question and answer assessment where learners read a question and type in their answer. They can also open a pop-up box to look at an example answer.

Screenshots of Finished Projects:
(Click each thumbnail to view screenshot in new window.)

ALM Orientation

This is a screenshot of the ALM Orientation that I designed for Articulate Engage.

PFT Overview

This is a screenshot of the PFT course. This is a tab functionality screen that I added to the course to make it more interactive.

Psych Video ScreenPsych Welcome

These screenshots were taken from the University of Santa Monica Online Course 1 that I wrote and designed. Psych Welcome is first screen for each topic.
This screen is animated and includes narration and on-screen text.  The Psych Video Screen includes links to pop-up videos of other learners who answered the same question that the learner has answered.

USM Online Web Page 1 USM Online Web Page 2

These are mock-ups that I created in Photoshop. I helped design the website and wrote the content.

WBT Scripts:
(Click each file to download.)

ALM Orientation

I wrote this script to be designed in Articulate Engage. It is the orientation portion of the ALM.  It walks trainees through course interactivity.  The Graphics columns are screen grabs from the course to illustrate the navigational features

Intro to Psych

This is the first two screens of the USM Online Course 1. The script is a good example of a strictly-formatted WBT script to be designed in Flash.

PFT Test Administration

The Physical Fitness Test was designed in Articulate Engage.  My role on this project was to crosscheck the sustainability of the course. As this is a required training course for all California PE teachers, it had to be something that was both engaging and sustainable.

(Click each link to open in new window.)

Many of the courses I have worked on are not open to the public. Here are some links to courses that I can show you in their entirety:

USM Online Course 1 (Instructional Designer, camera operator, audio engineer, media editor, copywriter, product tester):

School Accountability Report Card (SARC) (Voiceover Talent):