Work Samples

Video demo reel – This demo reel shows some samples of videos I produced for IHOP and YouTube (more video samples available upon request).

Example of microlearning course – This is a video walkthrough microlearning course that I developed for YouTube (with all of the proprietary information removed). Video produced in Camtasia.

Live gamified eLearning course (PB&J 101)  – This is a fun course that you can take! It was created in Articulate Storyline 360. It is a good example of a gamified learning. You will need to register your name and email address to view the course.


Cover design by Nick Rester Zodrow

How to Become a Poet in 7 Minutes (or less) (2015) Link


Darlings (2016) Link


A Dream of Nightmares: The Secret of the Nine, Book One (2018) Link

Other publications:

The Island Fox (2011)

– “Reply to a Spam Bot” (poetry)

– “For Frances” (poetry)

The Island Fox (2012)

– “This End Up” (short story, fiction)

Featured reader at The Rapp Saloon – Santa Monica (2012)